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Are you developing your own human capital?
Determining your next career move used to be straightforward and uncomplicated. Your career path most likely was mapped out as part of your company's succession plan and determined years beforehand. As you moved up the ladder, you collected valuable experience and knowledge of products, industry, and company history.

However, business reality today no longer supports a career approach. It cannot operate in the same way as in the 1960s, 70s, 80s, and even 90s, because the world has changed. Neither can you operate the same way as your last job search or career change, for the same reason. Organizations today are often in an endless state of transformation, wrestling with changes caused by technology advances, global competition, workplace culture, and value shifts. The old employment concept - the expectation that after 25 years of work and loyalty to your employer, you receive job security - has vanished. Few organizations today operate with this ideology, and to expect secure employment out of loyalty fades in the face of corporate reality.

As an experienced professional, familiar with business strategy and tactical planning, the faster you recognize the changes and get aligned with business reality, the better your transition and/or employment search results will be.

Successful job and career changers today must focus on clearly defined strategies for a successful search, implemented with equal amounts of patience and discipline. These strategies are:
• Building your network • Targeting your position • Marketing your product - You

What's holding you back?
• You don't know where to start or how to go about it
• There was an issue when you left your prior position and you don't know how to move past it or explain it in an interview
• Your resume was built years ago and you don't know how to write a resume that will market you appropriately or garner attention at the level you achieved
• The fear of what will be expected of you has made you feel isolated
• You can sell a product or service with great confidence and competence, but you don't know how to represent yourself
• Interviewing subordinates was different, you knew what you expected; but are panicked that someone might ask you something you don't know
• What/who is your network; how do you identify them and approach them for help
• When is it appropriate to negotiate salary; what is your market value - what about stock options, insurance benefits, 401K, equity positions, bonus structure

Why Do I Need a Professional Career Management Coach?
For the same reason professional athletes and actors need coaches... to perform at top levels and represent their own unique skills ... to understand the game, the players, and master the playing field. We have found the following information useful for any Powerpoint users out there. Obviously, the site’s main purpose, or "being", is to sell pre-designed Powerpoint templates, but there is more to the site than pushing a template. They provide free constructive and helpful articles to avoid common pitfalls and errors you might need to consider when using Powerpoint for multimedia presentations for personal and professional use. Career management coaching provides sensible models and strategies to conduct a successful career transition and job search and map out a master plan. It helps re-employment candidates understand the process of career management in today's changing environment, as well as:

• Define and achieve career goals
• Think differently; envision out-of-the-box ideas about job search
• Develop a strategy to turn a job search into a successful career outcome
• Identify roadblocks to success and tactics for overcoming them
• Motivation to do things that are uncomfortable to achieve success
• Instill confidence by providing resourceful ideas and concepts
• Provide fresh perspectives to help identify new options
• Encouragement to raise the bar of your own expectations
• Corroborate to never to settle for less than you deserve

Your Challenge
We urge you not to treat this process casually. Career casualness leads to career (and lifestyle) casualty. Career satisfaction doesn't happen by chance - it happens by design. We challenge you to design a proactive plan that creates opportunities for the career you deserve. We look forward to being your career management coach. If you're not committed to marketing yourself, it's probably not going to work for you. The single most important word to remember during a search is commitment. It means taking the job search very seriously.

Top Ten Most Important Self-Marketing Secrets
These proven gems of marketing wisdom are transferable from business to a personal marketing plan. We truly believe that it is next to impossible to market yourself successfully unless these 'secrets' are put into practice. If you learn how to diligently apply these , you are well on your way to a successful job search campaign.

The Big Ten
1. Have commitment to your self-marketing program.
2. Think of the program as an investment.
3. See to it that your program is consistent.
4. See that marketing is an assortment of tools.
5. Be patient in your search for a perfect position.
6. Know that results come subsequent to marketing.
7. Run your marketing campaign at the ease of others.
8. Make sure that you are confident in your strengths.
9. Put an element of sizzle into your marketing.
10. Distinguish yourself through the arsenal of your tools.

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