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• Career goal identification - developing meaningful career options
• Market value assessment - identifying talents, skills, qualifications, and intangible labor assets
• Job goals and objectives; assessing values and developing a personal marketing statement
• Strategic resume development including cover letters, marketing correspondence, thank you notes, presentation portfolios and other correspondences
• Career blueprinting; developing an action plan to accomplish career goals
• Practical networking strategies
• Online job search information and training
• Interview coaching and role playing
• Negotiating salary and compensation packages
• Targeted resume distribution and follow up support

Investment pricing is designed to suit your unique needs and be appropriate for your level of expertise. After a personal consultation, we will submit a written proposal that outlines specific processes and procedures.To have a powerful presentation plan you must have a purpose, a target, a goal. Without an end result in mind, how will you know if you get there? If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Our 7 Phase Plan
Phase I – Thorough exploration and systematic identification of career alternatives that link with your skills, interests, personality, attitudes, and values
Phase II – Identification of your signature strengths and key accomplishments, with analysis of how those can provide a return-on-investment to potential employers
Phase III – Preparation of written materials—resume, suite of cover letters (research, networking, response to ad, recruiter), follow up and thank you letters, ASCII text resume, PDF files
Phase IV – Research and networking resources to help uncover people, professional associations, companies, projects or opportunities that interest you
Phase V – Guidance in developing your verbal arsenal of sound bites, 30-second benefits statement, 2-minute commercial, performance-focused interview responses, and salary and benefit negotiation tactics
Phase VI – Campaign launch to targeted companies, recruiters, and/or VC groups; implementing the campaign plan, support in responding to offers and other networking strategies
Phase VII – Ongoing development of and accountability checks for action steps to expedite your search

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